Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The begining of The Berlin Hipster Festival 2012 blog

Hello hipsters and hipster lovers (or not) out there.

With this first post we officially inaugurate our concerted efforts in analyzing, dissecting and understanding all things hipster-related. We must confess that the festival itself is still very nascent but it is our hope that through our research and with your help and contributions we can conceptualize the ideal festival and turn theory to practice by having an awesome time and a great party in the trendy city of Berlin.

According to many, Berlin is currently the de-facto hipster capital of the world. So naturally basing it here seems like the right fit. However the term hipster gets bandied about loosely and with so many connotations that not everyone who mentions the word hipster could possibly be inferring the same meaning. As such we shall also be delving deeper into the topic of hipsterdom and trying to define it.

We must admit to not being hipsters as the Twitterati and popular media seems to define them but more curious journalistic types that find the definition to be more blurry. After one look at it and it quickly becomes clear that a large number of people who would not consider themselves hipsters might very well be. One of the goals of this blog would be to provide a more substantial insight than a lot of the trivial, and sometimes vacuous, nature the subject of hipsters gets treated online.

 As for the nature of the festival it will be defined by our interaction with you. We hope you enjoy coming along with us for this journey in creating what will be a very fun event in a fun city.


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