Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hipster? WHAT?

I thought that before jumping into any kind of “analysis” of the hipster culture, what a “real” hipster is and what a hipster festival in Berlin should look like; I could share with the blogosphere how my “first time” with hipsters was. It is NOT what you think (people with a dirty mind) hehehe I mean the first time I heard the term “hipster”. Can you remember your first time?

Mine was in a series (Happy Endings) were one of the main characters (Penny) falls into a guy that happens to be a hipster. From other experiences I have noticed that when you use the word “hipster” it implies a negative meaning but this time it was up-to-the-viewer to make that judgment. The hipsters weren’t better or worst from the others, they were just different. So far that was a very good first time approach.

As I write about my hipster-first-time, different questions pop my mind: since when hipsters are called hipsters? Is this culture/tribe/movement new? What makes them different from other urban tribes? I’ll try to answer all of them with future entries but I am pretty sure that the hipsters have always been there! We just didn’t noticed or called them different. I am 100% sure that when I was “little” (and in Spain) they were called the modern-ones. And my boyfriend has assured me that in Germany they were called alternatives. As a matter of fact, today while talking with my sister (who is 21 and lives in Madrid) I told her about this new blog and the first thing she said was: “Hipster what?” from pictures in different social media I am aware that the hipsters are not complete strangers to the Spanish scene but maybe they are still not as popular as they might be here in Berlin. Hm… Is there a specific range for hipsters? Another good question for a future post ;)

While I do some research, I want to share with you an extract from the Happy Endings episode where I learnt about hipsters. I hope you enjoy it...

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  1. That was a very nice blog entry. I never heard of Happy Endings before this but that episode was funny. Plus the historical context of hipsters in the past is something I want to be looking at more in my blog posts as I am always interested int he way things evolve and mutate over time.