Thursday, May 10, 2012

Introducing… The Hipster Intern!

Hi everybody, my name is Cat and I will be writing in this blog as often as possible although I am pretty sure I don’t fit with the description of a hipster. Hehe. Actually, I must confess that I have no idea about the Hipster world but… does it really matter? Everything is a learning progress, so this project was not going to be different! Abba (AKA theberlinhipsterfestival2012) might say that he doesn’t know anything about the hipster movement but trust me, I am way behind.

My lack of information about hipsters is such that I have decided to label myself as “the hipster intern”. In my defense, I have to say that I learn fast so hopefully with the research that I will do before every post I will become some sort of little expert and step-by-step we will all learn something new. Who knows… we might even get enough readers to engage in conversations! I have a lot of questions that probably have no easy answer so debates are very welcome :)

 I took this picture last summer during an open-air Festival.
Berlin is such a great venue…

I am really curios to see how this “hipster experiment” evolves and find out if with enough leverage we get the idea of having an awesome festival in a city as cool as Berlin moving!

If you are still reading, at this point you might be wondering “why me?” I mean… “why her?” Well, I have another question as an answer. Why not? I studied Public Relations and Corporate Communications and I love anything related. I also love to write, love to talk and even love to listen (yes, there is a lot of love in me. Hehe) and as an additional bonus... I love developing any kind of events so, of course, a hipster festival in Berlin sounds like an offer I couldn’t reject!

Hey Abba! What do you have in mind for the next entry? I was thinking that before we jump into “analyzing” the hipster… just like I did, you could give us a brief intro about yourself and your connection with the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012 project.

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  1. Yes you are indeed right Cat I never even introduced myself! How rude and inconsiderate of me. You caught me just inn time as I had already started writing a a blog entry on the history of hipsters but i'll finish it after my introduction