Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hipster are taking over!

Almost everyone knows that Berlin is the hipster capital of the world and probably that is the reason why we decided to have the hipster festival in the city. But watch out BerlinHipsterfestival2012 the hipster are growing and taking over other cities so maybe the venue for the 2013 edition might be somewhere else!

This week, in the States was Memorial Weekend and although in Berlin we don’t have many bank holidays we also had a long weekend. It is amazing taking into consideration that the previous Thursday was also off! Nevertheless, the excitement can’t last for too long if you keep in mind that is the last holiday one until October. So I had to take advantage of the opportunity and travel for a while.

I went to Bucharest with a layover in Vienna where I tried the very famous Sachertorte, a delicious combination of chocolate cake with apricot jam filling and chocolate coverture; HEAVEN!

 [I might not be a Hipster with Instagram but I know how to make nice pictures]

Once we arrived in Bucharest we took a stroll in the city center (beautiful) and to my surprised I soon noticed that the hipster had already been there! Not that I saw any graffiti such as “I the hipster was here” but I did spot out some obvious details from the hipster culture in the streets of the Romanian capital. Take a look and judge for yourself:

[Last trend for the hipster bags]

[Very cool hipster club]

[and of course, the hipster mode of transportation. The hipster-bike!]

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