Friday, May 11, 2012

Introducing Myself (Abba)

It is only after reading my dear friend and partner in crime’s last post does it dawn on me that I never once introduced myself! How rude of me… tsk tsk. Perhaps that goes to show how immersed I am in the topic of hipsterdom, particularly as it concerns the city of Berlin. So without further ado here goes my wee introduction:

My name is Abba and I have been living in the uber-trendy and aforementioned city of Berlin for three and a half years now. As an expat here I have run into and befriended countless ‘hipsters’. Or in the very list I have encountered people that fit the stereotypical and ironic image that we have come to associate with the word hipster.

Very often these “hipsters” have come to be associated with the gentrification of Berlin. The same phenomenon that lead to a trend in left-wing anarchists burning the flash cars of those they viewed as encroaching on their home and driving prices sky high. Obviously this is not the fault of hipsters per se, or at least not solely.

To me the word hipster has become a meme to begs to be scratched because I feel like there are much larger factors at play here that demand closer inspection. Now I am not a hipster as I have never been referred to as one or classified myself as one. However I am pretty confident that there are a few things that I, my co-conspirator and even you can identify with.

Other aspects of hipsters will forever remain alien to me, but then again this perhaps of the journey to understanding where it is that I stand. As this blog progresses I hope for an understanding to develop in order to start work on a Berlin Hipster Festival 2012, or as we intend to brand it: berlinhipsterfestival2012. Yes with no spaces… just to be so with the times ;)

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