Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I see hipster people!

I think that most of us know (or have heard at least once) that we are exposed daily to thousands of advertisements and we only “see” a very small percentage of them, right? That is because we have selective attention. That means that our brain has the ability to isolate and pay attention only to the “impulses” or messages that it finds relevant.  

Whit this been said, I am very glad that Abba talked about the long weekend on our previous post because (as I already shared with you) I used to consider myself a very “ignorant” person on the hipster-issue. I used to think that I didn’t have any hipster friends and that I wasn’t surrounded by any. Well, surprise! the minute we started this blog my mindset changed and my brain has decided to start scanning every single aspect of my life looking for hipster references.

Now, I have a growing theory that our boss is a lite-version of a hipster and on Saturday on our way to the club I magically realized the amount of hipsters that live in this city! They are everywhere and of every kind! Not to mention that inside of the club I felt so “alone” I was like a penguin on a beach party. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time but I felt so strange being - literally - surrounded.

Since the blog started I have been doing some (not much) research about the hipster culture, how they dress; what kind of music they like and of course how a true hipster festival should be in order to make the berlinhipsterfestival2012 a reality. So Saturday, while dancing in the club and feeling so “not normal” I was able to spot a couple of genuine hipster stereotypes and couldn’t help but thinking how would I be if I was “one of them”. Promise to write those thoughts down in the next entry ;)

In the meanwhile, keep the festival spirit alive and if you are in Berlin enjoy the beautiful weather!!! For the “anti-hipster” ones, here is a great blog you should def. check out:

They dont know it, but they are true hipsters as they follow the Hipster Rule #2:

 [Hipster Rule #2: Only like things ironically]

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