Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Music + Friends + Good time + Fun = Festival!

According to Max (from Happy Endings) “Hipster rule number 3: Never show too much enthusiasm.” All right, we all know I’m no hipster but at least… let’s try to blend in so I thought I could vary the topic of the post for a change :)

Today I won’t talk about how hipster are supposed to be or what are the highlights of the culture. I won’t even talk about the history of the hipsters as Abba wants to cover that point in the next entry and as last time I talked about my “hipster-first time” today I will talk about my first festival. It is true that our BerlinHipsterFestival2012 is only an idea but that doesn’t mean we cannot dream about it!

Do you guys remember what was your first concert or music festival? I kind of do… I remember (more or less) when it was, I know for sure where it was or who organized it but I can’t remember who sang on it or even with who I went! I feel terrible… Well, I do remember ONE friend. (I’ll be back)

Ok, so I just exchange some messages with THE friend (thanks Rod) and just as I thought so he does remember some of the artist. As a matter of fact Anastasia was there. How could I have forgotten about dancing “not that kind”??? hehehe. We also talked about a Spanish (very commercial and probably one-hit-wonder) duo called Sonia y Selena. Their “hit” Yo quiero bailar is the kind of song that you love because it reminds you of your teens but you hate because all the other obvious reasons you will find after taking a look at this video:

Anyway… this first music festival was in 2001 in Madrid and we were 16. It was organized by a program called “World Dance Music” that belongs to the number-one-radio station in Spain (los 40 Principales) The tickets were free and even that was exciting. I used to live outside the city and of course, the radio station was at the very heart of Madrid. In addition the box-office where you could pick up tickets for free was open only until 5pm or 6pm and because the festival was sponsored by such a big station we decided to go the same day we heard about it immediately after school in order to make sure we got a ticket. And back in those days getting from where I used to live to Madrid city center wasn’t an easy task. Now we have the metro but back then it probably took us over an hour with many changes from bus to metro in between.

I also remember how my mom drove us to the venue (a huge park also outside from Madrid) and how patiently she picked us up once it was over. I also remember how we went about 3 or 4 hours before just to queue to get a “good spot” and then we decided that the first row was too crowed. Hehehe. I find really „funny“ that I am incapable of remembering the line-up or the friends I went with but I guess that is part of the magic of festivals. Times goes by and you just remember that you were there and you had a blast.

And now is the time for questions… What and when was your first festival? What do you think the ingredients of an awesome festival have to be? Which one is the one you will never forget about and why? By the way, if our Berlin Hipster Festival becomes a reality don’t forget to check out this website with all the info:

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